Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping things in perspective!

Do you ever feel like you run so much and you never have any time to really take care of what matters??? Well I do! I am so busy all the time doing this and that, and really at the end of the day, Ive actually accomplished very little at home. I spend more days running around like a chicken with my head cut off, either by need or by choice, that I get home and say "I didnt have time to get anything done today" or when I am home, I feel like I have run so much that I just want to plant myself on the couch, grab a drink, my phone, my laptop and the remote and become a couch potato for the day. Part of my quest to find a new me this year is learning how to prioritize, find good balance between the work, the fun, and the people in my life outside of my home, as well as my family. I seem to give to one and neglect the other. Feast or famine. When it looks to one like Im so busy, it looks to another like I didnt do anything, and I feel like im pulled in so many different directions. The past couple weeks, I have spent alot of time at home, catching up on chores, being lazy, spending time with my family, and I have really appreciated being at home, and what my home looks like at the end of the day vs. the days when I'm not here. Up until this week, I have to admit, I have tried to find something else to do most often so that I didnt have to face the overwhelming task of being a "stay-at-home" mom/wife. Whoever said that staying at home was all about soap opras and bon bons was obviously a man, or a woman with no kids.

With my new weightloss journey I have mentioned before that I am taking a medicine called Adipex. Im sure you have hard of it before, its pretty popular. With that, I have also been increasing my protein, and adding B12 vitamins and I have to say, I am OBVIOUSLY much more motivated. I have more energy, I do not feel weighed down by all the garbage I am eating, and I feel alert all day long. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a SERIOUS napper. I take a nap daily. Well, I did take a nap daily until Jan 1. Now I dont feel like I need a nap. I am wide awake all day. I also feel the desire to get off my fat lazy behind (I dont say that to be negative about myself, I say that because I have been lazy, and have gotten fat...if the shoe fits) and get stuff done. Ive always had the desire to be a "Suzy Homemaker" but never seem to get the motivation or drive to get up and do something. This week, that is very different. I actually enjoy the cleaning (somewhat), cooking (trying new meals) and keeping up with stuff. I guess the medicine, and the weightlosss journey is meating 2 goals at once. Its helping me feel better, so that I feel up to the challenge of other things.

I have to say, this week hasnt seemed that hard. I havent been hungry, Ive had lots of energy, Ive tried to eat well, and havent had any sugar cravings. I havent gone to the gym all week until today, but I did go today, and have to say that I actually enjoyed my workout...the 1st 20 minutes of it anyways, that last 10 min was hard, but I kept on and finished and was super proud of myself. I wasnt expecting to lose very much weight this week, because this was my "transition" week and I havent been doing the workout until today, but Im excited to see what the scale will say on Monday.

As for my marriage, I have never been happier. I have spent the last week going out of my way to try to put Jim first, think of him often, be helpful, thoughtful, and kind, and I have to say, we both see a difference. I think in life you get so busy, just like with running all day, that you forget to stop and pay attention to what really matters. Well Jim really matters....and along with the house keeping, and the weightloss, I am seeing progress at home with us too.

I want to share one more thing for the night. In the mist of my crazy world, everyone who knows me knows im a social butterfly, and tend to get way too involved in stuff that is none of my business. I take things to heart, offer to help, get myself in way over my head and then get my feelings hurt. I spend so much time trying to spend time with friends I neglect things at home. I worry about things that arent my own issues, I stress about peoples opinions, thoughts, and if im going to make someone mad or hurt someones feelings. Good in the right circumstances, but I find myself often taking those things too far. Well God has really spoke to me several times with a passage that I can not stop looking at.

Galatians 6:4-5 (NLT) Pay careful attention to your own work, fo rthen you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct. fitting is that. Its time for me to get it together, my home, my priorities, my daily routines, be more intentional about what I do, and stop lerking around in stuff that isnt something I need to mess with and get to my own business. A task that for me is going to take practice, time and maybe some hurt feelings on a few people's end, but is necessary to becoming the me that I need to be. The me that God created me to be. The me that feels like I have a purpose.

So far, Im off to a great start in 2012! Its only the 5th, but that is 5 days closer to new habits, and a new me!

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