Monday, January 9, 2012

IM A LOSER!!!!!! 357/92

I have officially lost 5 lbs. I have 357 days left to lose 92 lbs. I am so excited of my little 5 lb loss. Not so much for only 5 lbs, but becuase I am starting to feel great, look forward to exercising everyday, and can see that the changes I am making are making a difference. I keep telling myself to reach my 1st 25 lb goal, I have to reach each pound of weightoss. I have 20 lbs left to reach my first goal. Its so neat to see progress, even if its minimal. The changes that I have been making have been changes that I know will maintain my goal weight once I get there, and changes that if I have to keep to for the rest of my life I am ok with. One of the things that people do is get hard core to lose weight, reach their goal, then start eating regularly and wonder why they gain the weight back. For me, this year, I am making life long healthier changes.

I am so excited and even more excited to see what week 2 will take off :)

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